Daily Steps On Our Road to Recovery for 26 July to 1 August 1999.

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26 July 1999

Catch 22's

     Like computers, we can get into a logic loop that does not end. I

recently purchased a program to assist in my software and hardware

improvement learning. That program told me to use its companion

software update program to insure that it was the latest version. I needed

an update because the program would not work with my current software

configuration. But, the companion program was just a demo program

without its registration number, that did not come in their package. I

could have stayed in this loop with no solution. I just chose to try

something different. I went to their web site and found the update. I

am not giving their name yet, since there may be another way to resolve

their logic loop.

     I once laid out a detail plan to execute a complex project. With

the current rules then, there were several blocks to executing my

project. I tossed away my detail plan and replaced my plan with

a simple summary chart of what had to happen to succeed. Then

the miracles started to happen and over time the rules changed

after I successfully completed my project.

     When things seem impossible from where we are, at a higher

level inside us, they can become possible.

27 July 1999


     When I was a child, a young man, a man, I was shy. I did

not find out that I was really afraid. My shyness came from fear.

Not fear of anything specific. No, my fear was an unconscious

fear. That is why the shy are difficult to change.

     One can, when we look deep enough, find fear at the base

of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. On also can, when we

look deep enough into why we do not easily return to the tree of

life, find pride involved somewhere.

28 July 1999


     I am reading a new book called Love and Survival by Dean Ornish, M.D.

It is about how love and intimacy are actually major factors in our real health,

wealth and happiness. He goes into the research that actually shows the differences

in what our quality of life has to do with our quantity of life. When we are really

enjoying our lives, we want more and get more. Most, if not all, of the techniques

that lead to recovery also lead to love and intimacy. Love and intimacy are even

part of our recovery techniques. They lead away from fear and anger to more

love and peace. This keeps things simple. I wonder how we all could keep things


     I am interested in getting the book called The Body Code : A Personalized

Wellness and Weight Loss Plan Developed at the World Famous Green Valley

Spa by Jay Cooper, Kathryn Lance (Contributor). When you click on the book

you will be going to Amazon.com and the reviews make an interesting read. When

you are interested in supporting this site staying on line click on books.

     After scanning this book and reading the reviews at Amazon.com, I came to see

that this book fits together with the books on 4 blood types. Although there was much

that fit in the four blood types book, there were body differences that were not taken

into account. For example, both my wife and I have blood type A, but she prefers

much more meat. Her body type could account for the difference. Before I thought

she had type A blood and a type O body. Now we may have a more complete

picture to do some new research and look at old data in new ways for how much

our blood types along with our body types are a factor in what foods and exercise

most agree with us.

29 July 1999

Isolation & Intimacy

     Many have noted that we have become more isolated as a society, and have

less intimacy in our lives. And there have been increases in diseases, that the

doctors have not been able to account for. But, some research has been done to

show that the greater intimacy we have, the better our recovery is. It also shows

that the greater isolation we have, the harder our recovery is. That is why finding

supporting and loving people is important. That is why being loving and supporting

people is important. Perhaps more important.

     What is the blessing in disguise, of greater isolation? That is like, "What is the

blessing in disguise, of hitting our personal bottom?" When we hit bottom, we

really want recovery. When we are isolated, we really want intimacy. When we

can not easily find intimacy with others, we finally look inside. Then we find that

we have been carrying around the lord most high within. Then we find that the

lord most high within, has been carrying us from time to time. Then we want

more of that. Then we are becoming intimate with everyone, because they are

carrying the lord most high within them too. Those that do not know that they

are carrying the lord most high within, just have not been isolated enough and

have not hit their personal bottom, yet. It is better to get on with our quest for

our real selves, before we leave here.

30 July 1999


     Real therapy is about being a healthy friend. The therapy that most people

do not want done on them, is therapy done on them. These therapist are

not healthy friends, and I would not recommend them.

     With friends, we respect their boundaries and abilities to solve their own

problems. Sometime we give our gift of wise questions, assuming that they

will find their own answers. We answer their questions honestly and openly

when they ask. We share what we think and what we feel. When they have

toilet paper hanging on them, we tell them gently, what we noticed. We ask

them what they really want.

31 July 1999


     There are very few qualities, that exceed persistence in their value,

loving being one of the few. Some people call it stubbornness, but that is

a term of the jealous. Persistence is what gets everything done. Persistence

is what gets us home. Persistence is what finally shows us the ways to

Peace. There is nothing more persistent than our lord most high within.

     There is a conspiracy, but not the conspiracies that many fearful people

talk about. This conspiracy is the conspiracy of the lord most high within,

to show us the ways home, the ways to peace, loving, health, wealth and


1 August 1999


     Getting enough rest is as important as getting enough exercise. On the

seventh age the Lord rested. The word that is translated as day in most bibles

is Strongs number 03117, yowm. Here is what my On Line Bible says: "03117

yowm {yome}from an unused root meaning to be hot; TWOT - 852; n m

AV - day 2008, time 64, chronicles + 01697 37, daily 44, ever 18,

year 14, continually 10, when 10, as 10, while 8, full 8

always 4, whole 4, alway 4, misc 44; 2287

1) day, time, year

 1a) day (as opposed to night)

 1b) day (24 hour period)

  1b1) as defined by evening and morning in Genesis 1

  1b2) as a division of time

   1b2a) a working day, a day's journey

 1c) days, lifetime (pl.)

 1d) time, period (general)

 1e) year

 1f) temporal references

  1f1) today

  1f2) yesterday

  1f3) tomorrow"

     As any reasonable person can see, "day" could have been translated as

a time of hotness, an eon, lifetimes. In fact some bibles say a day of the Lord

is as a thousand days. Back at the beginning of the creation of the earth, a day

of the Lord may have been a billion years.

     So, we have poor translations causing people of generally good will to

upset themselves. We call some of them creationist and others scientist.

It seems neither have looked to see if the source of their disagreements

might not be what they think. And of course, who among them have

sought to begin to know the real source of all.

Very Respectfully,

Michael Foster, MA





Very Respectfully,    

Michael Foster, MA

Discovery Coach




"Learn HOW to recovery by discovering the blocks you need to remove and the actions you need to take and what you need to let go of as your blocks to your blessings."

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