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Monday 5 August 2002

What can I do to make it a better life here?

I can turn my world and life over to my lord most high within.  I can admit that my world and life in the past were partially created by my ego, edging god out.

Every day that I turn over more of my world and myself to my lord most high within, then things get better.

For some people, it can be more dramatic.  I knew a friend that tended to have a lot of drama in his life.  He told me that on the days that he turned it over, he had a good life.  On the days he forgot or was too angry, he had a hellish life.

It is easy to write, and hard to do.  Not doing is the hardest.  Just being is the hardest, but the most rewarding.

Tuesday 6 August 2002

The Good Life is being greatfull and fullfilled.

It would be wiser to spell grateful as "greatfull".  That is because when we are "greatfull", we are full of greatness.  That is, we are great and we are full of our highest spirit, when we are "fulfilled".  That is one way to be filled by the spirit, the whole spirit, the Holy Spirit.

There is a story about a young seeker of God, that could not get filled by the Holy Spirit.  The young man finally heard about a Spirit Filled Old Man [SFOM] that lived up in the mountains.  In desperation, the young man finally went to the SFOM, that lived up in the mountains.  When the young man got to the SFOM, he asked the SFOM:  How could he, be filled with the spirit?

The SFOM immediately ran out of his door, and began running up a mountain.  The puzzled young man, ran after him, but the SFOM kept climbing the mountain ahead of the exhausted young man.  As the young man got higher and higher, he became more exhausted.  When he at last they got to the top of the mountain, they were fully exhausted.  The young man was gasping for breath and asked the SFOM again:  "How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?"

The SFOM said:  "Just let the spirit breathe you, now that you are exhausted of yourself."

Wednesday 7 August 2002

The Good Life is about finding how to reduce negativity and increase spirit.

Some christians talk a lot about the blood of Jesus. It can help to

understand more, when we know more about the deeper meanings of blood.

Some examples are that blood can be a metaphor for life and life can be

a metaphor for spirit. Vampires can be a metaphor for more life

through more blood and therefore more spirit through death.

When you are interested, you can read the new testament and try

substituting life and spirit for blood, and see what you come up with.

I have noticed that the new testament is mainly about transformation to

grace and life and spirit anyway.

When you read the old testament you can try and substitute death for

blood and see what you come up with. I have noticed that in the old

testament blood was often from a sacrifice that left animals or large

groups of people dead. After all the old testament was mainly about

judgment of death, since none could live up to all the requirements of

the laws and judgments of the old testament.

Thursday 8 August 2002

The Good Life is learning more about what prayer really is.

Unhealthy prayer can be begging for something, that focuses your energy on not having it.  Wouldn't asking how to get it, be more healthy?  Wouldn't it be unhealthy prayer, to be complaining about what we have?  Are we not complaining, by asking for what we want to change?  Would it not be more healthy prayer to be thanking our lord most high within, for what we have?  Would it not be more healthy prayer to be thanking our lord most high within for what we are receiving, and what we would also be thankful for?  Would it not be great prayer to be thanking our lord most high within for what we have and whatever is better?  Would it not be healthy prayer to be realistically seeing what we have, and enjoying that, and visualizing something better, to also enjoy.  How about "this or something better"?

Friday 9August 2002

The Good Life is about learning as you go.

I have been in some courses with some of the world class therapist and healers and teachers.  There is a golden thread that runs through all of their work.  That golden thread is discernment, without judgment, and forms of loving.  That golden thread is our birthright.  That golden thread is our treasure.  That golden thread is from our lord most high within.

There is a golden thread that runs through all of the healers and teachers and therapist of the past.  They all tell of how to love with discernment.  Perhaps it all is that simple.  Perhaps it all is that difficult.  Perhaps it all is that easy when we let the lord most high within loose.


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