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Monday 29 July 2002

The Good Life can be improved by good education.

I am grateful for what I learned from my experiences earning my masters degree in applied psychology at the University of Santa Monica.  They just opened their own web site, so I am pleased to recommend stopping by, when you are interested.  On their newsletter page as of today, there is a quote I like:  "As one of our grads put it recently, “What September 11 did for me was to make it clear that the only significant response I can make is to heal the terrorist that lives within me.”"

I was behind schedule today as I had to format my c: drive and reload my computer again.  As usual, I learned some more from my starting over process.  Learning can come from things that we frustrate ourselves about.

Tuesday 30 July 2002

The Good Life is being at peace, but.

Aggravation.  To heal, we first need to be aggrivated.  We need to know what upsets us.  That starts first stage of healing.  

How many people, places, or things aggravate us?  When will we realize that they are our gifts of healing, they are igniting our first stage of healing and we can be grateful for them.

The physical process comes from our spiritual wound.  Our spiritual wound becomes manifest physically, when we first get our physical wound, or when our spiritual wound becomes aggrivated.

How did we get wounded spiritually in the first place?  We made ourself angry at some time.  We created negative energy and it came upon us.  

Our negative energy must either be transformed to positive energy, or it must manifest as negative energy, on its way back to positive energy.  That is our healing process.  When we realize this is just how our lord most high within, transforms our negative anger back into positive spirit, we can again be grateful and thankful. 

Wednesday 31 July 2002

The Good Life is about finding how to reduce negativity. has a summary of the ABC News show "War on Drugs, a War on Ourselves".  "U.S. authorities have been fighting a losing battle against drugs for 30 years. Is it time to try a new approach? by J O H N S T O S S E L "  They have a board for you to express what you think here.

We need to continuously ask ourselves if we are creating more negativity, or less negativity, on our planet by our actions.  That reminds me of how our roads to hell are paved with our best of intentions.

That also reminds me of our war on bacteria that we have been fighting.  Our unfriendly bacteria has usually been made stronger by us taking and using antibiotics.  Sometimes eating yogurt with a lot of friendly bacteria helps our friendly bacteria overtake our unfriendly bacteria.

That also reminds me of our war on terrorists that we have been fighting.  We need to frequently ask ourselves whether our actions are creating less terrorist or more terrorists in our future.  

Thursday 1 August 2002

The Good Life is learning wisdom.

I wrote before about the issue of the local 10 commandments issue brought up by a 17 year old.   Now another 17 year old is bringing up the issue of our country needing to get back to God at:

We indeed need to get back to God.  The real question is:  What God?  Much not of God, has been done in the name of God.

We certainly do not need to get back to the God of terrorist, that think that they have a positive reward from their God for creating more hell on earth.  Creating hell for terrorist, that are asking for hell, is just giving them, what they are asking for.  Creating more hell, for those not asking for hell, is creating more hell for ourselves.

We certainly do not need to get back to the God so defenseless as to need any monuments, dogmas, governments, armies, prescribed prayers, or forced confessions.  We certainly do not need to get back to the God of politicians, pastors and priest, that do not really know the God of infinite peace.  You know, the ones that are not at peace, that lack unconditional love, mercy and understanding.

The God we need is our personal private God, that comforts us while the followers of those false Gods, are spreading their dogmas of exclusiveness, hate and anger.  The God we need is our personal private God, that can answer all our questions, although that may take a lifetime.  The God we need is our personal private God, that can show us the ways to personal peace, spiritual community, unconditional love, mercy and understanding.  The God we need is our personal private God, and He is already in our heart of hearts, waiting to be fully awakened, to wipe away our tears and fears and create more heaven on earth.

Friday 2 August 2002

The Good Life is about learning as you go.

This day, I was in bed with an inner ear challenge that left me dizzy and I threw up my breakfast.  I took a day of my sick leave.  I am writing this Saturday and I am still dizzy, even after taking some meds.

Speaking of sickness, I was just reading about how our government wants to give meds to someone to get them sane enough so that they can stand trial where their defense is that they were insane when they shot some people in our Capital.  This making people sane enough to stand trial where their defense is that they were insane, has been done before.  How is our government sane, in thinking like that?

How about when our government gives motives and opportunity for our police to become more corrupt?  Our government has passed drug laws that let our police confiscate autos and homes and such, without fair and impartial due process and sell them and let our police keep the money.  I saw a TV show about how an expensive auto was taken by police by planting drugs in it, in a low southern state.  Our police have been known to plant more than drugs, like guns when they kill someone.

It would be wiser to insure fair and impartial due process and to send any money collected to pay off some of our national debt.  That way there would be much less incentive for our police to do some of the things that have been done, in our drug war on ourselves.  Otherwise, we will need to just buy and keep used cars from now on, so that our police will not be tempted.  And when police come to our homes, we will need to invite all our neighbors we can get to come in with them, to watch them closely.


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