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Monday 22 July 2002

The Good Life, is asking good questions.

Is the Gospel Good News or Bad News?

Why is not all the Gospel Good News?

In the first place the Gospel is really Good News.  It is just that some teach bad news as part of their gospel.  When one reads the bible from a lower level perspective, one only finds lower levels of news.  When one reads the bible from a higher level perspective, one finds the higher levels and can see the lower level mistakes.

How can people be at real peace when they believe that they must believe a certain way and or do certain things?  Especially when they believe that they and others will go to hell for eternity if they do not believe a certain way and or do certain things.  And those certain things vary among different groups of believers.  How can there be any stability that way?  Would there not be more fear than love?

Tuesday 23 July 2002

The Good Life is better, being at peace.

The stronger we feel about something, the further we are from the ultimate truth about that something.  There is a large difference between what we want and what we have, or think we have.  Our energy is tied up in our upset and we may use our energy unwisely. 

The more we are at a peace beyond understanding about anything, the closer we are to the ultimate truth about that anything.  When we are at peace we are in a state of gratitude.  We can more easily slip into what ever else we want while we are at peace and have all our energy.  

There may be some relationship to what we felt strongly about, but that relationship will be at a whole new level when we are more at peace.  That does not mean that we have arrived at the ultimate truth, we have just got closer.  There may be no end to our refinement process.

However, a good enough truth is one we feel at peace with, until we are ready for the next level of that truth.

Wednesday 24 July 2002

The Good Life is about finding what is what.

There is no reason for me to judge anyone, for anything.  There is no reason for me to convict anyone, of anything.  The bible says that it is one of the Holy Spirit's functions, to clear up any convictions.  It is up to me to evaluate anything, with as much peace as I have.  From my own peace, I can share my peace.

Why would I want to give war instead of peace?  I would be giving war when I was at war with myself.  Some people, must be at war with themselves some of the time.

When we are open to the process of convicting by the Holy Spirit, we are ready to be more blessed, to recover.  One of the ways I experienced this convicting process was for the Holy Spirit to keep revealing anything that I upset myself about.  My part was to be open to letting those upsets, fears, terrors go.  It can take a lot of patience and discipline.  But then, all of life is like that.  

Thursday 25 July 2002

The Good Life is learning wisdom.

JC kept warning the Pharisees, that they were missing the spirit of the law, in their using the law for judgment of others and themselves.  The spirit of the law is to arrive at Grace.  The problem is that no one could keep all the law.  Even JC's twelve ran away and lost their faith.  Even JC took on the sin of disbelief on the cross when he asked why God had forsaken him.

The paradox is that Grace is not weak.  Grace is the most powerful.  Grace is the least harmful.

How to be in Grace, is the more important question.  Why not a simple "I am living in Grace." statement, until that is what you and I are doing?  Why not a simple "I forgive myself for judging myself as a legalist." until we are in Grace?

Friday 12 July 2002

The Good Life is about learning as you go.

When I was looking for a cost effective source of domain registration, I looked up the information here.  Of course that information was only current in January 2002.  When you get later information, click here and write me.

Some times I am feeling most of my muscles because they are sore.  Sometimes I am feeling just not well and my temperature may be up.  When I am feeling pain I let my healing come from just feeling my pains and letting them clear.  Physical healing feels the same as sickness.  In order to get better, we sometimes need to get worse for a time.  When we transform some more of our energy into positive energy, sometimes the first thing our transformed energy does for us is to clear up some past wound.  This is one of the ways it does that.

Some people are lonely.  We can do things that we would not do, when we were not lonely.  We can get into relationships that are just too difficult, out of our loneliness.  What is our cure?

What are we really lonely for?  Our spiritual self.  That is our cure.  Then we are not lonely any more.  We no longer need companionship, because we have that.  We no longer need comfort, because we have that.  We no longer need much of anything, because we have that.  Why would we want to share this treasure?  

Because this treasure wants to share itself.  This treasure wants to share what we have learned.  Even though it is less peaceful to be around others, when you do not need them, you still want to share.


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