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Monday 8 July 2002

The Good Life, is to be determined, by us.

Once upon a time I met two orphans.  Both of them were very insistent that Satan existed.  I believe that Satan only exists as Imps in our Unconscious, until we recover.  The negativity in our world is from the totality of all the Imps in our Unconscious.  They were upset with any possibility that their god was dead.  Their god was mostly the god of the old testament.  

One, I helped find a job he could keep, but I was too much of a polyanna for him.  He could not teach me to hate.

The other said that we might think he was a little weird, since he thought he was going to lead 20000 during the coming tribulation.  He was upset that I spoke with too much authority.  He could not teach me to believe in his limited god.  He said he could not believe in a god that did not have Hell for those he thought should go there.  He did not know that he was talking about himself.

Who we believe god is, determines how good our life is.  If we really believe in the god of Unconditional Love, we recover to a good life.  If we really believe in the god of the Old Testament, we can not be perfect enough to recover.  If we really are a believer in both, we have a difficult time, containing both god concepts.  Some of us end up in mental institutions, when we are having a very difficult time containing both concepts.  Even when we believe in our god of Unconditional Love, we may be sent to a mental institution, while we are recovering from the god of the Old testament in our Unconscious.  Whether we are in a mental institution or not, we have some of the symptoms as we recover.

Tuesday 9 July 2002

The Good Life is about our relationship with our Lord Most High, Our Creator

I am not suggesting that anyone believe what I have discovered about the bible.  I am just sharing what I have discovered in my road to recovery.  I have always suggested getting on with your own relationship, with your lord most high within.  I am suggesting asking your lord most high within, who is the god of the old testament, and who is the god of the new testament.  I am suggesting that your answers may take some time, mine certainly took a lot of time.

Wednesday 10 July 2002

The Good Life is Learning about our history, so that we repeat less of it, and learn how to use history for our advancement.

I have been listening to a book on 4 tapes called "The Battle For God" by Karen Armstrong that is read by the author.   Click here for paperback, and here for hardcover.

Karen does a brilliant job of giving us the history and meaning of the history of christians, jews and muslims.  Check out what others say on the above links.

One of her points is that the evangelical christians in the west, like Jimmy Carter and perhaps George W Bush, completely misunderstood what the muslims were telling them when they called us the great satan.  We thought they were calling us the evil one.  And GW called them part of an axis of evil.  Karen pointed out that in islam, satan is the trickster, the trivializer.  The west had indeed marginalized and trivialized and tricked muslims in their long history.  This becomes more clear as you read Karen's book.

The satan of the old testament that I am writing about is found in Job.  There, he is on a speaking relationship with God.  There, when Job does not fall for satan's temptations to curse god, Job meets the real God and lives The Good Life from then on.  Satan was not evil in this story, just the loyal opposition to Job's connection to the most high God.  Satan had contact with God, Job is the one that needed to find his connection to God.

Today, our loyal opposition is in our subconscious and unconscious.  That is why it is important to keep our loyality to our concept of an unconditionally loving creator, instead of an angry old testament god.

Thursday 11 July 2002

The Good Life is learning wisdom.

We have a local politician with the wisdom to get legislation passed for new buyers of homes, to pay for their impacts on our communities.  If this legislation had been enacted a long time ago, we would not be having the challenges we have now, with things like water shortage, financing our schools, and other needs.

I am wondering where his wisdom is now.  We have a local issue, from the fact that one of our public parks has a monument to the ten commandments.  This same local politician, is threatening to use our public monies, to fight to keep this monument, supported by our public monies.  He would be welcome to use his own monies to establish his religion, but not our monies.  The ACLU has shown great wisdom in suggesting that the monument be deeded to a local church, for their support.  He would not just be pandering for votes from the religious righteous community, would he?

Friday 12 July 2002

The Good Life is about participating in life.

Our local paper had an even better article about our local politicians here.  I would have added the following:

We have had local politicians, with the wisdom to get legislation passed, to have newcomers pay for their impacts on our communities. If this legislation had been enacted a long time ago, we would not be having the challenges we have now, with things like water shortages, financing our schools, and other needs. Our growth would have been more reasonable, and our existing structures, would have been better maintained.

Speaking of maintaining structures, I am wondering where their wisdom is now on our local issue on one of our public parks, with a monument to the old testament ten commandments. Some local politician, are threatening to use our public monies, to fight to keep this monument supported by our public monies. They would be wise to use their own monies and or raise monies to support and help establish their religion. They would not be wise, to use our public monies, to help establish or keep any religions. The ACLU could sue them, to repay our public treasury, if they foolishly spend any public monies on their own crusade. The ACLU has shown great wisdom, in suggesting that this wonderful monument, be deeded to a local church and supported by their own monies.

When will we all cool down enough, to really think about why we more interested in fighting, than solutions, especially easy solutions, where both sides can win? After all, my man summed up the ten commandments, as loving each other and our creator.  Even an atheist can love their creator, when they think that creator is just their mother and father.

At least, that is what I intend to write to the paper's editor.


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