Daily Steps On Our Road to Recovery for 6 to 12 September 1999.

Published  Last Week.  A daily hint published each day since June 1996.  This is past my third year anniversary since starting my web pages.  Page Down for the next days that are added a day at a time.  I have moved to http://www.recoverybydiscovery.com  and this daily page is now here at daily.htm .  I would appreciate any feedback, questions and suggestions that you have.  

6 September 1999

What To Do

     Now that I can choose what to do, I need help

choosing. When I was working for someone else,

they often chose for me. That often was not the

wisest thing to do. That is why I choose to listen

to the lord most high within, for what is the wisest

thing to do, or not do, at that time.

    A funny thing happened when we chose for our

self. I did more. That is because I was enjoying what

I did, more. Now, we are slowly learning how to be

more efficient, so we can enjoy more things.

7 September 1999

Spirit Heals

     I am not a healer.  This is just information that I am sharing.

When working with spirit, I have yet to find any difference in

the generic things that heal. The form of the wounds do not

seem to matter. Financial, Sexual, Addictions, DSM Coded

Disorders, and on and on. Wounds do not seem to matter,

our recovery processes are the same. They are the same for

me and anyone I work with.

     It seems to me to be more important, to learn how spirit

heals, than to feed our egos on how we should heal. I am not

a healer, I just introduce some to that which is, the healer,

that helped and still helps me heal. My only real skills are

as a midwife at rebirths, and as a marriage broker with spirit.

     I just want gratitude, I do not want to be needed.

New Stuff

     I added a couple of directories to my page on searching.

     I added a link on my bipolar page.

     I updated my index page.

8 September 1999


     I watched a show last night, about a court case of a mother,

accused of abusing her child, by over insisting on medical

procedures and operations and of doctoring her child to produce

symptoms. There is a fancy mental illness name for that. But, they

did not look at this as a place to assist in her recovery, they looked

at this as a way to punish someone. The had a lot of circumstantial

evidence, but no direct proof.

     Interestingly, some of the circumstances continued to happen

after the child was separated from the mother. You know, when

there is a random pattern, life is like that. When the same thing

keeps happening, we are causing that, some how.

     They were unfair to a jury to decide guilt or innocence. Some

day we will really believe we are innocent until proven guilty.

Some day, we will think first of family therapy, instead of the

our more expensive criminal justice system. Some day we will

use therapy to assist, instead of punish. Some day, we will see

that everyone is doing the best they can, with the baggage they

are dragging. Some day, we will help with their baggage, from

time to time. Unfortunately, so far our criminal justice system is

a mostly criminal and lessly justice system. Life is like that, until

we change that.

New Stuff

     I added a new on line bank with free checking and bill paying

and an associates program for you on my get paid page.

9 September 1999

Black and White Thinking

     Black and white thinking is stinking thinking. Black and white

thinking is either or thinking. Black and white thinking is irrational

thinking. Black and white thinking is when we think something is

always or never so. For example, when we say that "You never

take out the trash." The accurate thinking would be something like:

"I take out the trash 25% of the time. I want you to take the trash

out 100% of the time. I resent it when you forget and I remember.

I am angry that you do not do what I want you to do. I need to do

something different. What I am doing is not working. I need to

learn how to enjoy taking out the trash 25% of the time until I

can find ways to have to take it out less. I wonder what I can

do differently."

New Stuff

     I added a new place to store your backup files on the net on

my free page.

     I added another free program to my recommended utilities

programs on my programs page.

10 September 1999

Never Give Up

     There is a part of us that never gives up. There is a mystery

in that getting to know that part that never gives up, is known

only by giving up, to that part that never gives up. Another part

of that mystery is that we need to learn how to never give up

to get to know that part that never gives up. We need to

develop our capability to never give up, to contain and be

in harmony with our real part, that never gives up.

     That part that never gives up is our lord most high within.

That part never gives up on us. That part loves us, no matter

what. That part forgives us, no matter what. That part lies in

wait for us, however long that takes.

11 & 12 September 1999

Time Off

     I am taking my weekend time to visit with my children

and grandchildren. Something we all can enjoy.

Very Respectfully,    

Michael Foster, MA

Your Personal Coach




"Learn HOW to recovery by discovering the blocks you need to remove and the actions you need to take and what you need to let go of as your blocks to your blessings."

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I started my daily page, because it is useful for me to look for some recovery tip or secret each day for my spiritual growth. we and I only need one secret to work on and let it work on me each day.  They are secrets because they are usually the opposite of what the majority of society teaches.  They must be secret because they are not commonly used.  A friend of mine once said "Common Sense is not much in Common.".  Now that I have grandchildren I am also writing for them.  I would have really liked for my grandparents to have passed on what they learned.

I am including Sunday as it is my formal day of learning the lord most high's secrets.  If you would like ask questions, or contribute some of your wisdom, or want to make some comments or want to vote for which day to put on my tip of the month page or tell your success stories, click Michael Foster, M. A.


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