Daily Steps On Our Road to Recovery for 23 to 29 August 1999.

Published  Last Week.  A daily hint published each day since June 1996.  This is past my third year anniversary since starting my web pages.  Page Down for the next days that are added a day at a time.  I have moved to http://www.recoverybydiscovery.com  and this daily page is now here at daily.htm .  I would appreciate any feedback, questions and suggestions that you have.  

23 August 1999


     I am amazed at how easy it is to have conspiracy

theories, about governments and secret groups. Theories

are even starting now about John Kennedy Jr. A straight

forward case of a human tragedy. However, there is a


     Governments and secret societies are up front about

what they are about. They are about "Control". The secret

societies are about "Chaos" so that they can attain "Control".

They are the Persecutors in the Eternal Triangle. The People

are the Victims. The Secret Societies think they are the

Rescuers, but they are really only Persecutory in their actions,

and in their future intents.

     There is a Rescuer in the Eternal Triangle. That Rescuer

is in a conspiracy. That conspiracy is about bringing health,

wealth, happiness and spiritual peace to the people. That

conspirator is the Holy Spirit. It has many names, but its

purpose never varies. It is always working to transform

our curses into blessings. It is always working to transform

our persecutions into blessings. It is always working to

transform our victimhood into blessings. The catch is that

we have to learn how to let it, and to become aware of how

it is working. and to get on with cooperating with our grand


24 August 1999


     Recovery is about Discovering How to Cooperate with our

own Recovery. Others recover as we cooperate with our

recovery. I have discovered many ways the hard way.

Perhaps we can discover easier ways together. What ways

have you discovered?

     Recovery is about discovering who we are. We are

children of the lord most high within everyone. Saying that

and discovering that are two different things. Saying helps

to discover that.

     Recovery is about taking actions that tell ourselves who

we are. Recovery is about choosing better, choosing more

important things. Recovery is about accepting the choices

we have made. Recovery is about learning how to let our

lord most high within choose.

25 August 1999

Spirit and Religions

     Religions are attempts to organize spirit. Spirit is inherently

incapable of being organized. That does not mean that spirit

does not use religions. Spirit uses religions to form relationships

with followers of religions. When a relationship happens and the

person is open to the process, a spiritual journey with spirit is

an adventure. Where each adventure leads is where spirit leads.

Ultimately, it is up to spirit to show what and who spirit is.

     Too many religions try to do spirit's job. The real function of

religions is to perform an introduction for a courtship and then

stand back and watch the marriage with spirit, pregnancy by spirit,

rebirth in spirit, and spiritual growth happen.

     Too many religions are afraid of what spirit might reveal to

their followers. That is why they set up control systems and

hierarchies. When you are seeing hierarchies you are seeing

religions and when you are seeing equality you are seeing spirit.

26 August 1999

Forgiveness Test

     There is a forgiveness self test that helps tell how much we

have forgiven.  The test is at:


And, it is worth a bookmark, just to check back for each person

and or situation or history or ... that we have problems forgiving.

     Forgiveness helps the forgiver. It may help the forgiven, when

they are ready to let go of their own judgments and stinking thinking.

27 August 1999

Forgiveness and Power

Someone wrote, that JC did not mean to forgive someone, of greater

power. They thought that sexual or domestic violence could not be

forgiven, until there was equal power. That is, the abuser must be

stripped of power and or the victim must be raised in power. There

is a good thought in there, about equality of power, but they have

mistaken earthly power for spiritual power. They also noted that

some churches support a disparity of power, to maintain their

positions and power. Also sometimes true, but this is only about

earthly power.

     When they consider this some more later they may realize that

they are saying that they could not forgive God, because He has

more power than they do. Again, they may fall into the same trap

of confusing earthly power with spiritual power. God has infinite

spiritual power and no earthly power. The only earthly power

God has is when we let his love and forgiveness flow through us.

What is flowing is spiritual power, not earthly power.

28 August 1999

Spiritual Power

     So, let us consider spiritual power. God forgave everyone.

God atoned for everyone. So, spiritual power is gained by

coming into agreement with God, accepting His atonement

and by giving His atonement.

     When it appears that abusers have more power than their

victims, they only have earthly power. When the victims forgive

their abusers and themselves, they gain spiritual power. They

become spiritually equal to their abusers. The nature of spiritual

power is not to lord it over others. The nature of earthly power

is to lord it over others.

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29 August 1999

Our Day of Rest

Time to let Meditation Happen All Day.

Very Respectfully,    

Michael Foster, MA

Discovery Coach




"Learn HOW to recovery by discovering the blocks you need to remove and the actions you need to take and what you need to let go of as your blocks to your blessings."

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I started my daily page, because it is useful for me to look for some recovery tip or secret each day for my spiritual growth. we and I only need one secret to work on and let it work on me each day.  They are secrets because they are usually the opposite of what the majority of society teaches.  They must be secret because they are not commonly used.  A friend of mine once said "Common Sense is not much in Common.".  Now that I have grandchildren I am also writing for them.  I would have really liked for my grandparents to have passed on what they learned.

I am including Sunday as it is my formal day of learning the lord most high's secrets.  If you would like ask questions, or contribute some of your wisdom, or want to make some comments or want to vote for which day to put on my tip of the month page or tell your success stories, click Michael Foster, M. A.


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