Daily Steps On Our Road to Recovery for 9 to 15 August 1999.

Published  Last Week.  A daily hint published each day since June 1996.  This is past my third year anniversary since starting my web pages.  Page Down for the next days that are added a day at a time.  I have moved to http://www.recoverybydiscovery.com  and this daily page is now here at daily.htm .  I would appreciate any feedback, questions and suggestions that you have.  

9 August 1999


     Before I went on my quest to find if God existed, I could not

make peace in my local church. I tried to be a peacemaker, when

they got into their fights.  But, there was no peace to be made. The

blessing in disguise was, that I could not make peace. So, I went

looking for the source of peace. I found that one can not make

peace or keep peace, but one can be peace and find peace.

     The path to peace, may not be peaceful, that is a paradox.

We have separated ourselves from peace by making wars,

so the path back, can be strewn with wars. Terror, fear, anxiety

and such are the opposites of peace, but they may be the territory

that we need to go through to find our source of peace. It can

take the courage of a warrior to become a wizard. It can take

the work of a worker to get over being a worrier.

10 August


     When we are ready to want more blessings than curses on

our planet, we are ready to forgive the past curses that got us

here. That is our daily choice, to bless or curse our days. One

way to bless each day is to forgive all the names we think of

that were curses in the past. Another way is to clean up some

thing, any thing. Another way is to say something nice, anything

nice. Another way is to just take good, kind and gentle care of

ourselves. When we just take good, kind and gentle care of our

selves we begin to do the same with others.

     Where do blessings start? With us, of course. When do

blessings happen? When we do them, of course. When we

do blessings, we are on course on our road to recovery.

11 August 1999


     With computer programs, the bios and operating system

programs facilitate application programs. The more sophisticated

operating systems facilitate more types of programs. Our bios

and cultural operating systems facilitate many types of application


     Sometimes we confuse our applications and operating systems

with our bios. Our bios is wired for living a good life with spirit.

Our cultural operating systems and application programs often get

in the way of living a good life. That is one reason that we say

"Keep it Simple." That is why we meditate to get back in touch

with the essential. That is why we forgive and accept to drop our

upset biases. That is why we look beyond culture to see the essential

in all cultures.

12 August 1999


     It is interesting to me to see that sorcerer sounds like one who

is of the source. Wizard comes from wise. There are clues everywhere.

The Source is The Source. The Source is Wise. Everyone has some of

The Source in them. Everyone has some of the Wise in them. It may be

asleep. It may be covered up with many judgments and much culture. I

call it the Lord Most High Within. It calls itself what ever it needs to

relate to you at the time you call it. As you become more intimate with

The Source, it may tell you more all the time. It will not tell those that

will not listen. It will not tell those that put conditions on it. There are

very few that let it be The Source. There are many that put their culture

and religion on it, but these will not stick to that which is free. There

are parts of culture and religion that are true, they are not threatened.

There are parts of culture and religion that are not true, they are of

no use.

13 August 1999


     What everything takes is persistence. Persistence is a

neverending qualitiy that is a key to all our doors.

     The lord most high within all of us is the most persistent.

It takes a relentless spirit to heal all of us. That is what we

have. Our challenge is to persistently co operate with our

own lord most high within.

14 August 1999


     http://bipolar.virtualave.net/stories.html has stories of those

with the bipolar challenge. I find stories one of our most valuable

resources to gain perspective. You can check out other bipolar

links on my bipolar page. What is your story so far? What do you

really want your story to be from now on?

12 August 1999

Sunday, a day of rest.

There is a new free ISP on our free page.

Very Respectfully,    

Michael Foster, MA

Discovery Coach




"Learn HOW to recovery by discovering the blocks you need to remove and the actions you need to take and what you need to let go of as your blocks to your blessings."

From my book in process, The Spiritual Cookbook (Generic Recipes for a Better Life)

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I started my daily page, because it is useful for me to look for some recovery tip or secret each day for my spiritual growth. we and I only need one secret to work on and let it work on me each day.  They are secrets because they are usually the opposite of what the majority of society teaches.  They must be secret because they are not commonly used.  A friend of mine once said "Common Sense is not much in Common.".  Now that I have grandchildren I am also writing for them.  I would have really liked for my grandparents to have passed on what they learned.

I am including Sunday as it is my formal day of learning the lord most high's secrets.  If you would like ask questions, or contribute some of your wisdom, or want to make some comments or want to vote for which day to put on my tip of the month page or tell your success stories, click Michael Foster, M. A.


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