Access Turbo Start quickly from your browser

You can use the options below to get quicker access to Turbo Start:

Make TurboStart your Start Page

We recommend that you use TurboStart as your start page (the first page that loads up when your browser starts). Here's how to do it in your browser-

For Internet Explorer 4 users:

For Netscape Communicator 4 users: For Netscape Navigator 3 users: For Internet Explorer 3 users:

Add Turbo Start to your bookmarks or favorites

Load Turbo Start in your browser and press Ctrl + D to add Turbo Start to your bookmarks or favorites. To open Turbo Start, select it from your bookmarks / favorites menu.

Add a shortcut to Turbo Start

In Windows 95/NT/98, you can add a shortcut to Turbo Start on your desktop. Open Windows Explorer and go to the folder where you've installed Turbo Start. Now right-click on the start.html file, and select Send To > Desktop as Shortcut. To open Turbo Start, double-click on this shortcut.

Use Turbo Start as your Active Desktop

If you're feeling adventurous, install Turbo Start as your Active Desktop (requires Internet Explorer 4 or better and Win32). A lot of Turbo Start functions will be disabled, but you'll get to use Turbo Start as soon as Windows starts. Right-click on an empty area on your desktop, select Properties and select Turbo Start as your wallpaper. You may need to enable Active Desktop if it is not already enabled.