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Monday 15 July 2002

The Good Life, is learning easy grace is not easy.

People that do not think about things very much, think grace should not be easy.  And, they are right, in a way that they have not thought of.  They think easy grace is just easy.  And, accepting easy grace can be easy.  It can be hard to accept easy grace when we feel unworthy.  But, the really hard part is giving that easy grace back.  Because, we do not get easy grace, unless we give easy grace.

God is not angry.  The angry God of the old testament was killed by Jesus.  Long live the new God, of easy grace.

Since Jesus is giving us easy grace and is not angry, our challenge is to also give easy grace.

That means we have no reasons to be angry, at all those people that we get upset about.  That means we have no reasons to be angry, at all the things that happen, that we upset ourselves about.  That means that we have no reasons, to upset ourselves about those that treat us unfairly and unjustly.

That is not easy.

Tuesday 16 July 2002

The Good Life is standing up for what you want.

Once upon a time I had raised my right hand and swore to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution when I joined the US Marines Reserves in California.  I had also got a job as a civilian Engineering Co-op student for the US Navy.  I was sent to training course in New York on a Fire Control system.  I paid extra to stop at Washington DC on my way home.  At the airport, I looked in the phone book for a place to stay.  Then, I saw they had whites only and colored only hotels in that phone book in my capital.  I took exception to that and decided to show that is not what I wanted.  I picked a colored only hotel and got a cab.

When you look at my picture on the bottom of my page you will see that I did not qualify as colored.  When I told the cab driver where I wanted to go, his eyes got real big and he asked me if I was sure.  I was.

That was my peaceful act of showing, that I did not want, what most people wanted at that time.

My story may help you to see, that I stand for what is wiser in the long run.  So, you may understand, why I am writing the following:

Reparations for descendants of slaves, give me a break.

Before there was a civil rights movement, I demonstrated in a peaceful way my solidarity with our "colored" in our capital.

Now, it is time for our "colored" to do some things back in gratitude, instead of slapping their supporters in the face and ruining their lives with bitterness.

The best revenge is getting on with a good life, in spite of everything.

We all have descended from people that have been slaves, in some form, at some point in history. Most "blacks" in America today are tan and are descendants of both slaves and slave holders and others.

The slaves that were taken to the "new world", would likely have been slaves in Africa. Their descendants, if they survived, could still be there, probably in a much lower quality of life.

The American Japanese in World War II, were some different. Their experience was recent and there was denial of their rights under the laws at that time. Even there, reparations may not have been wise.  Although, some lost their businesses and some lives were put on hold, so were the lives lost and lives put on hold of our warriors and their warriors that fought for a better world.  They were paid little for their service, but they came back to make a much better world.

In fact, the tan people here today, really owe America, reparations for the better life they have had, than the lives they would have had in Africa.

Recovery comes out of gratitude, not bitterness.  Recovery comes out of patience and persistence, not a hand out.  

I wonder if Johnnie Cochran would be there, if he understood what they really owe the rest of America.  He does not seem to go for negative fees.  I wonder when we all are ready to see what is working and get on with a good life, in spite of what may not be working yet.

Wednesday 17 July 2002 rev 1

The Good Life is about finding what is what.

Why would I, who have had and continue to have spiritual experiences, use an atheist document below?  Because critics, can be our best sources of information.  Critics can bring up good questions.  How can good questions be a problem?  A good question is only a problem, when we are not really secure. has a short look at Islam.  Islam means surrender to God.  I like that.  The only question I have is, what level of God.  I would have no problem with any Sufi mystic, that is surrendering to the most high god.  But, there are Muslims surrendering to a lesser god, since part of the Islamic experience is to go to Mecca and on the 10th day kill an animal for the pleasure of God.  That sounds like the Satanic [Shaitan] level to me, does it not to you?  When you are interested, you can check the above link and find the word "satanic" for some other questions.  Is that any different than the Old Testament practice of sacrificing animals or the early American practice of sacrificing humans?  

I read that there was a city, Medina, that had Mohammed's bones, but I had heard that Mohammed left from that rock in Jerusalem.  How can that be?  

How can it be OK for Mohammed to attack a caravan in the month of Ramadan, and not OK to go after the attackers of the twin towers?

I am just suggesting finding what is what, so that we can understand those that can not help behaving the ways they behave.

My god most high has encouraged and led me to look at what is what, and to forgive and accept. and be in gratitude for what is what, and then to get on with making something better.  I encourage everyone to find a god like that.

Thursday 18 July 2002

The Good Life is learning wisdom.

The phrase, "I would like it better when you learn how to forgive yourself and do it often." is an example of something I would like.  I do not say: "You SHOULD learn how to forgive yourself and do it often."  Then I would be trying to CONTROL you.  

Anything you read here, please take it as "I would like it better" instead of "You should".  It would be more accurate to say I wish everyone would learn how to forgive.  I wish everyone would forgive often, until they are at peace.  The more that we do so, the better our world will become.  However, we still are in control.  And, we get the results of our controlling

Friday 12 July 2002

The Good Life is about starting over a lot.

My column is late today because I am in the process of reloading Windows ME after installing my replacement motherboard.

I am starting over with a new motherboard because my old motherboard had intermittent lockups and restarts.  I usually upgrade when a motherboard dies.  But, my new motherboard actually has less features and does not have quite as high specifications.  Strangely enough, this one is performing better and fits my computer case better.  This one may work out better in the long run.  Better to have lower specifications and more reliability.

And of course I learn more each time I go through this process of starting over.  Life is like that.  All of life is like that.


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